A village may have existed on the edge of the marsh

It is hoped to carry out excavations in the area

Close to the south east side are the remains of a wall and some large pieces of stone, probably the building referred to by authority 3

There is no evidence that it can be associated with Northeye

There is now no trace of the DMV, which has been ploughed since the 1939-45 war, though a settlement pattern is shown on OS 25" and visible on RAF AP (1946) (a).

No dateable material has been found.

No local or documentary evidence to enable classification

Md settlement (? Northeye I) (site of), and U mound (prob. BA round barrow).

Now under coarse grass

The condition is such that a survey is unlikely to recover more details

Whether it is the site of Northeye I (see auth. 2, 6) is open to question but it is certainly a suitable site for scheduling.

Trees fallen as a result of the great storm of October 1987 militated against the recovery of further evidence on the supposed chapel site

Chalk on blackboard

Photograph from a drone

Salt under a microscope

Sheep bone

Underwater camera

Iron tanged blades

Aerial photograph

LIDAR screenshot

Stained glass

Sluice water

Charcoal on photocopy

Clay pot shard